A place where you'll meet some of the nicest people on earth.
We are a non-profit organization, brick collecting is our hobby

About the I B C A




We do not buy or sell brick to each other...we trade and give to one another. We collect all kinds of bricks, building bricks, paving bricks, firebrick any brick as long as it's branded with a name on it or a design, pattern, pictures, or numbers. Never do we pick up just a plain brick, we call them vanilla's.

Three times a year we have a brick swap, these meets are more like big Family Reunions that's when we bring extra bricks for our brick friends. We picnic and tell lots of wonderful brick stories, yes there's lots of stories and history to be told about bricks.

To become a member of the I.B.C.A. at the bottom of this page please find the I.B.C.A. Membership Application form and send $20.00 to our treasurer:
Donna Johnson  3141 South Fork Rd.   Cody, WY 82414-8009   Email:  Ph.# 307-587-5061  Cell Ph.# 307-899-3744
Family affiliates are an additional $5.00 yearly and include individual membership cards and full voting privileges.
The fees are used to publish our brick journal which is published 3 times per year. 

Ken Jones is one of the founders of our club, he is member number 4 and was our treasurer since the club started in 1983 to 2010.  Thanks Ken for a job well done. 

The I.B.C.A. Brick Journal has many interesting articles on bricks and brick collecting. The membership fees help pay for printing and mailing the brick book to all sponsoring members.  Your contributions are welcome and greatly appreciated.

If you have brick questions we have a librarian, Jim Graves you can E-mail him at Jim has an extensive collection of historical information and can answer most questions. He also has a special section in the journal for answering questions.

Other interesting stuff:
In 1983 four men (brick collectors) put their heads together and came up with The I.B.C.A. #1. Ron Anjard, #2 Mel Garlick, #3. Phil Deckebach and #4 Ken D. Jones.  And so we grew.  We now have over 1000 members and about 500 active members. 

The little brick man on both sides at the top of each page has been our mascot almost from the beginning.  He was created by one of the members of the club and we've kept him with us, we love the little fellow, he's a real brick hunter.

We all love and treasure every brick we find, but most of all we treasure all the friends we've found along the way.
  If you'd like to belong to a group of fun loving and good hearted people then your at the right place.  

Journal of the I.B.C.A.
Inside the journal you will find many interesting stories.  History and pictures of old brick plants from the past. Articles on Brickyards, Brick Kilns, Brick Making, Brick Laying.

Members with foreign bricks and interesting 
stories of their brick hunts.

Our Managing Editor, Peggy French  has a special section called....Letters to the Editor.

Questions about the IBCA may be directed to Peggy French, 1743 Lindenhall Drive, Loveland, Ohio 45140-2144 or
e-mail her at: 

Swap meet Schedules, when and where. 

My favorite brick:  Pictures of members  
holding that special brick or bricks, some time it's 
hard to just pick one.

This is just a few of the things that can be found in the Brick Journal.  When you become a member you will receive the journal three times a year.  I know you'll love it, it's full of good reading and lots of pictures too.
We look forward to having you as a member.  Please print an application and join today.